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Conceive Plus Now Available at Walmart

Retail Giant Walmart, Inc today added Conceive Plus fertility lubricant and Conceive Plus Women’s Fertility Support dietary supplement to its shelves.

October 2018   4463views

Chemist Warehouse Puts Sasmar Conceive Plus on its Pharmacy Shelves Nationwide

Growing brand Sasmar Conceive Plus offers fertility lubricant that supports Australian couples who are trying to get pregnant

SASMAR, an international fertility lubricant company, receives patent for ‘Conceive Plus’ in India

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals this week excitedly announced the revolutionary product Conceive Plus, a sperm-friendly fertility lubricant for all trying-to-conceive couples, has been awarded patent no. 278692 by the Indian Patent Office.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
April 2017   8706views

SASMAR® Announces Patent Award for Fertility Lubricant on the Australian Market

Unique in the world, the lubricant composition contains Calcium and Magnesium ions, essential in prolonging human sperm viability and motility, as well as helping..

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   27560views

Romance is not dead! Fertility Brand Luxury $2,000 Weekend Giveaway

That romantic photograph you’ve been cherishing could be the key to a luxury weekend to the destination of your choice with all expenses paid by fertility lubricant brand Conceive Plus.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   30043views

Conceive Plus Now Available at Lucky

SASMAR®, a popular global brand that offers a broad range of personal lubricants and other carefully formulated products that help with safe family planning, will now be featured on

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   20215views

When It Comes to Starting a Family, It’s All About Conception

Its holiday time and that brings with it family time. Perhaps it’s the holiday traditions or the time together with family that does it, but this is the time of year many couples begin thinking about startin ..

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   15413views


SASMAR the makers of Sasmar Personal Lubricants and Conceive Plus fertility lubricant celebrated its 10th birthday on Saturday 11th July and is celebrating with a global free product giveaway.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   64535views

Conceive Plus® Takes Top Shelf Position

When you've decided to try for a baby, you want to do everything you can to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   12970views

Conceive Plus featured on South African TV!

Watch the video coverage

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   41492views

STAR newspaper: couples struggling to conceive may just have a new lifeline

About 1 in 6 couples of reproductive age have a fertility problem, writes the Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa (IFAASA).

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   18588views


The creators of each baby name with the most LIKES will win three months’ supply of CONCEIVE PLUS to help increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   107352views

Why a Valentine's Conception Needs More Than a Card and Roses

Pressure to make Valentine's Day all about sex and passion can feel daunting for 1 in 10 women in the US who face difficulty conceiving.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   19236views

Conceive Plus Now Available In Belgium from DI Beauty & Care Stores

SASMAR announces Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant is now available in all DI Beauty & Care Stores throughout Belgium.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   11659views

Conceive Plus Now Sold At Most Lloyds Pharmacies, Assisting Trying-to-conceive Couples in the UK

Lloyds Pharmacies are now selling SASMAR’s Conceive Plus” fertility lubrication at most Lloyds Pharmacies in the UK.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   15616views

FDA Approves Conceive Plus Fertility Personal Lubricant for US Market Release

Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Approved by the Federal Drug Administration For Trying To Conceive Couples in the United States.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   50463views

South African Pharmaceutical Concern Offers Family Hope To Couples

Infertility and the inability to conceive a child are a very realistic issue for an estimated 15% of the child-bearing age South African population.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   27718views

Australian Pharmaceutical Company Breaks Down Barriers To Conception For Would Be Mums Around The World

Australian pharmaceutical company Sasmar has released their conception product following three years of development in conjunction with fertility experts from respected university hospitals in the USA.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   37712views

Conception Assistance for couples and honeymoons now available on the island of Mauritius

Sociomed, a licensed importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, are now distributing Sasmar's family planning range into retail pharmacies, hyper and supermarkets, private clinics and other outlets across the island of Mauritius.

Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
March 2017   5984views

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