SASMAR® kündigt Patentpreis für Fertilitätsschmierstoff auf dem australischen Markt an

Einzigartig in der Welt, enthält die Schmiermittelzusammensetzung Kalzium- und Magnesiumionen, die für die Verlängerung der menschlichen Spermienlebensfähigkeit und Motilität von wesentlicher Bedeutung sind.

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SASMAR® Announces Patent Award for Fertility Lubricant on the Australian Market


Unique in the world, the lubricant composition contains Calcium and Magnesium ions, essential in prolonging human sperm viability and motility, as well as helping the process of fertilisation: the bonding of sperm to egg.


SYDNEY, 13 December, 2016 — SASMAR®, a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer focused on the categories of fertility, family planning and female health, has announced that aqueous,non-spermicidal lubricant designed to assist couples trying-to-conceive, has been awarded patent no. 2013277007 by the Australian Patent Office.


“Clinical tests published in the patent showed that human sperm incubated in the protected composition for two hours and analysed for viability using a HSSA (Human Sperm Survival Assay) resulted in 99% viable spermatozoa. As compared to a leading fertility lubricant on the market, which after a two hours exposure resulted in only 56% viable human sperm.


Moreover, when the assay was extended to 24 hours exposure to the patented fertility lubricant, the result was impressive: greater than 90% viable human sperm. This is extremely important knowing that fertilisation can happen two or three days after intercourse” explains SASMAR CEO, John-Michael Mancini.

And it is mainly attributable to the unique properties of calcium and magnesium ions present in the composition: keeping human sperm healthy, facilitating mobility and viability. As well as to several other agents that enhance physiological function, such as: sperm activation agents, energy-boosting agents, scavengers, fertilisation facilitators. And last but not least to the optimal pH, and osmolality that mimics the natural fertile cervical fluids.

The composition is being commercialized under the Conceive Plus® brand, a fertility personal lubricant which is now available in Australian pharmacies, retail stores as well as online. Conceive Plus is used in hospitals, fertility clinics or directly by couples that have just decided to have a baby, or have been trying to conceive for a while. Natural and essential when it comes to the process of fertilisation, the fertility lubricant is commercialised in over 70 countries around the world. Extensive fertility and biocompatibility testings have been performed during the past years, with data peer reviewed and published in fertility research journals. FDA has cleared the product as embryo, gamete and fertilisation compatible. And unlike some other products, Conceive Plus also does not negatively impact human sperm function or harm human sperm DNA.

Conceive Plus is a social media trusted brand. Success stories and consumer reviews are being shared on the Facebook Page , Amazon reviews, or the Testimonials page


The patent application  has been filled by Aquatrove Biosciences, a SASMAR company.

In addition, SASMAR is a major supplier of lubricants to the United Nations and governmental aid organizations working on HIV and AIDS prevention and education efforts in developing countries. For more information visit the SASMAR corporate website



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