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Innovation at SASMAR means developing ideas into products that consumers need and love. Our focus is on the needs and desires of consumers around the globe, as a customer driven organisation innovation is key.

Keeping it Modern

We like our products to look clean, bright and trustworthy reflecting the core values of our business. Always looking for something new, we are dedicated to understanding the needs of end users and exceeding their expectations.

"Our slogan represents our focus on transforming creative ideas into serious products, that's... The Future In Personal Care"

Andrew J. Soutter, Chief Financial Officer 

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We are globally minded entrepreneurs focused on leading the way in consumer health. 


Our products help couples in more than 60 countries internationally connect with each other better and with our Conceive Plus brand - we are doing a great job increasing the fertility rate too!


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Innovation is not only about creating a cutting edge product it's also about creating solutions. Thinking broadly is essential to our success, we seek solutions with global appeal and purpose.


Always looking for a better way


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Have an idea, or new technology? We want to hear from you with new ideas, licensing opportunities or proposals. We are seeking acquisitions. 

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