Our Brands  

Helping People   

Our brands help consumers live better, happier lives. Trusted in more than 60 countries world wide you'll find our products in hospitals, clinics, supermarket, drugstores, pharmacies and online.

As a consumer focused company every product must meet a consumer demand, we are driven by helping consumers live better lives.  

Brands people love  

When consumer love a product, they tell someone about it.

We are a consumer focused company making products the consumers love to use.



Over-The-Counter (otc)   

Our brands are available over-the-counter which means you can buy our products without a prescription from a Doctor. 

"SASMAR has the best lubricants I have ever used. This one is great, lasts a long time and doesn't stain or get sticky"             

Amazon.com verified review  

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We appreciate and respect our responsibility as a multi-national pharmaceutical company to sustainability and the environment.  

Our Responsibility

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Always looking for something new, we are dedicated to understanding the needs of end users to create products and brands that they'll love


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