Our Responsibility

Our Purpose  

The founding purpose of SASMAR was to provide quality products that benefit the live of consumers. This purpose has stay with us and it now both inspires and helps to dictate the running our our global business. 
We accept responsibility for what we say and what we do.

For a better future  

We have a long history of partnerships with non-profit organisation and health departments around the word. In 2009 we were the first company to be issued a long-term supply agreement by the United Nations for supply of personal lubricant.

SASMAR is helping to set the quality standard for other suppliers. We respect our responsibility to share our knowledge for quality standards because our focus is the health of every person equally assisting them to take control of their health and plan their families.


Today's world is fast paced, things move quickly and global environmental challenges are closer to each and everyone of us

Reducing HIV and Unwanted Pregnancies   

Today our cooperation with health organisations including the UNFPA (United Nations Populations Fund) is well known and our partnerships are strong. We lead the way in supply of personal lubricants that help to increase condom use, reduce HIV infections and unwanted pregnancies for projects in countries including Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Fiji, Panama, Namibia, Ecuador, Cameroon, Belarus and many others.  

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Today's world is fast paced, things move quickly and global environmental challenges are closer to each and everyone of us. We take responsibility for the impact our product have on the environment from waste water to energy use and packaging waste. Working towards a brighter future means taking responsibility for our actions.  




As Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Officer, I assure consistent quality of production by developing and enforcing our quality management system; validating processes; providing documentation and reports; managing staff; enhancing department and organisation reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishment; reviewing company practices and providing advice on changes to the system; dealing with competent regulatory authorities; specifying storage, labelling and packaging requirements.

Marco Giacalone, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs


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Global Supply

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SASMAR manufacturers high quality personal lubricant in single-use sachets and multi-use tubes to promote the use of condoms in third world and developing countries, to reduce transmission of STI's, HIV / Aids and unwanted pregnancies. Studies show that using lubricant with a condom reduces the rates of condom breakage in addition to increasing pleasure during intercourse. 

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