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When its time to come together rely on a SASMAR branded product to enhance the experience.  

Truly enhancing intimacy

Personal lubricants that feel silky smooth to the touch, are long lasting and never sticky or tacky. That's how most would describe our personal lubricants.

Since 2005 consumers in more than 70 countries experience the SASMAR brand.

"I have tried several lubes and will say after trying Sasmar I never will try another again. Sasmar Original has no smell or taste. It doesn't leave any greasy, sticky feeling. In fact it leaves your skin smooth feeling. Both my husband and I fell in love with this product" Verified Review  

Gentle but effective

When it comes to intimate products the SASMAR brand is trusted to deliver high quality personal care that everyone can use. 


Paraben Free

Promotes Intimacy



Loved by millions

The silicone makes a difference! If you haven't tried before, you should. Last longer than others and very nice slick feeling. Durable as well Verified Review
This is the best lube I've found (and we've tried a lot). I have a medical condition where everything stays absolutely dry, so we rely on lube 100% Verified Review

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We are focused on delivering our products to consumers all over world so partnerships are essential to our success. We're looking to partner with retailers and help them offer the products that consumers are looking for, today.  

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