Working at Sasmar

More than a job

We offer our employees more than a job  – here you will be able to make a difference. Given the freedom to expand, develop and achieve within an environment that is goal focused.

Developing our people

Here your initiative, commitment and dedication is valued. We are a young company but our talents combined we are wise and experienced to take on the big challenges. Our approach is to grow from within and our people are encouraged, and motivated to achieve their career aspirations.

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"Service excellence is my mission"

I am engaged to perform consistently and deliver value-added services to our customers with the highest level of quality, in the process to meet or to exceed customer expectations. 

Service excellence is my mission, in order to maintain valuable relationships with our customers. I strive to not only meet our commitments and client expectations but to exceed them on every level and deliver exceptional value.
Silviya Slavcheva, Front Office

“whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” 


Working at Sasmar has been a rewarding experience. As Account manager, I deal with several partners across the globe on a daily basis. The goal is to have a close relation with our existing partners and attending to their needs while bringing new accounts and growing the client portfolio.

The result driven environment provided by Sasmar enables me to develop and excel everyday. The flexible environment allows me to try new things and be more creative in approaching new partners.

My mantra “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Brice Kenne , Account Manager

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"I believe that any role needs to be meaningful and not just a task"

have a very empowering and rewarding role to strategically launch the growing Sasmar brand into the Australian and New Zealand market across multiple national channels. I enjoy building long term business partnerships with our retail partners in collaboration and support of all team members and departments at Sasmar worldwide. I believe that any role needs to be meaningful and not just a task, in my role I achieve this not only from my diverse work day but also every time a consumer purchases one of our products from our retail partners and the product helps enhance their lives.
Tony Cappola, National Sales Manager 

Creating market opportunities by developing new qualitative products.

I am in charge of executing product development plans from A to Z and always respecting the Sasmar quality assurance process. I work closely with other departments in creating, launching and implementing new products. Each product is designed with a purpose to give to our customers. My goal is to ensure customer satisfaction is met

Guadalupe Garcia, Product Development

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"the best in the market" 

As a Digital Marketeer my job is to connect people all over the world with our products, what I believe are the best in the market. Reading afterwards all the wonderful testimonials where our products has helped our customers is the most rewarding part of  my job

Ieva Kolberga, Digital Marketing Executive

"My mission is to grow our business"


I am the Brand Manager at Sasmar. My mission is to grow our business leveraging many marketing tools. From leading marketing research to activating 360° plans worldwide, I try everyday to educate our consumers on how performant Sasmar products are in order to keep building their trust in the company. I also love to work on the equity of our brands: they have a purpose I really feel responsible to achieve and they are very emotional. TV and digital are perfect to communicate our vision and embark consumers in a journey that will benefit their lives. 

Franck Maugard, Brand Manager 

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Global Opportunities

SASMAR is a global consumer goods and pharmaceuticals manufacturer and our operations are expanding. Within a company that has less barriers to advance the road to achieve for yourself personally is easier, and that's that goal of SASMAR .


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