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Obligations for Use

While we do not wish to interfere with the creative approach of how the SASMAR brand will be integrated and/or placed into organic content; however, we do request that certain guidelines be adhered to. Please take the following guidelines into consideration as the content for organic brand integration placement are being developed.
The content available on this page including written copy, photographs, drawings and editorial photographs are strictly for the purposes of promoting SASMAR products. Any use of the pictures for commercial purposes other than for the direct promotion of SASMAR products is forbidden. For additional questions, please contact

Regulatory Compliance

·       No overly explicit language in conjunction of the SASMAR integration or placement
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·       No reference to illegal drugs in association with the SASMAR integration or placement
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·       No disparagement of the SASMAR brand and/or creative advertising
·       No overt or implied negative view of any SASMAR direct competitors
·       No representation or implication that any SASMAR product is a treatment for infertility or cure for any disease.
We request all images used to include the "© SASMAR" disclaimer. 


2 formats available : PRINT (CMYK - 300DPI) and WEB (RGB - 120DPI) All packagings are in English/French, for other languages, email


Logo Conceive Plus Color Logo Conceive Plus BW  
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)    
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)  
Conceive Plus - 8 Applicators Conceive Plus - 3 Applicators Conceive Plus - 75ml tube Conceive Plus - 30ml tube
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
SASMAR Logo CMYK SASMAR Logo Greyscale    
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)    
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)  
Sasmar Original Pump - 60ml Sasmar Classic Pump - 60ml Sasmar Classic Tube - 118ml Sasmar Classic Tube - 50ml
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
Sasmar Vanilla Tube - 50ml Sasmar Pina Colada Tube - 50ml Sasmar Cherry Tube - 50ml  
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)  
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) 
Sasmar Strawberry Pump - 60ml Sasmar Strawberry Tube - 50ml Sasmar Warming Tube - 50ml Sasmar Warming Pump - 60ml
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
Conceive Plus Applicators - home CP Applicators + tube - Home Conceive Plus tube - Home girl Conceive Plus tube - Home guy
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
Couple waking up in bed Girls looking at pregnancy test  
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)    
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) 


Conceive Plus applicator - Home girl  3 applicators - Home applicators box - Home Conceive Plus box
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
 Sasmar - Home couple  Sasmar Classic - Home Sasmar Strawberry 50ml - Home 1 Sasmar Strawberry 50ml - Home 2
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
Sasmar Warming 50ml - Home 1 Sasmar Warming 50ml - Home 2 Sasmar Warming 50ml - Home 3 Sasmar Classic 118ml - Home
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
Sasmar Cherry 50ml - Home 1 Sasmar Cherry 50ml - Home 2 Sasmar Vanilla 50ml - Home 1 Sasmar Vanilla 50ml - Home 2
WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi) WEB (120dpi)
PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi) PRINT (300dpi)
Sasmar Vanilla 50ml - Home 3                                                                                                                                                                              
WEB (120dpi)      
PRINT (300dpi)   


SASMAR Pharmaceuticals

SASMAR is a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer focused on the categories of fertility, family planning and female health. The founding purpose of SASMAR was to provide high quality personal care products that benefited the lives of consumers in Australia and since then the company has grown its product portfolio and international distribution in a very short period. Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2005 by our CEO Mr John-Michael Mancini,  the company was the first manufacturer globally to supply silicone based personal lubricants to the mass population through supermarkets and pharmacies. 
The highly experienced SASMAR team have extensive international knowledge of the consumer and retail market and have a track record of successful development, registration, commercialization and marketing of quality over the counter products in women’s health, fertility, family planning and disease prevention. In 2009 SASMAR became a major supplier of personal lubricants to governmental aid organizations in HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness programs in third world and developing countries and holds a number of long term supply agreements. Working very closely  with the United Nations and other non-government organizations, our products assist in the efforts of population control and disease prevention.
In February 2009, following over two years of development with fertility experts in the USA, SASMAR released Conceive Plus - a major milestone in the history of the company. SASMAR is highly regarded for its patented fertility lubricant brand launched and quickly became the market leader in every country where it is actively sold. Conceive Plus is a scientifically formulated personal lubricant that is safe for use by couples who are trying to conceive, compatible with sperm survival and migration and safe for oocytes and embryo development. The Conceive Plus fertility lubricant product is readily available though hospitals, fertility clinics, supermarkets, pharmacies and online helping trying to conceive couples in more than sixty countries and maintains an excellent reputation for assisting millions of trying-to-conceive couples achieve their dream by easing their path to pregnancy.
The SASMAR group has experienced considerable growth since 2005, incorporating divisions in Sydney, London, Chicago and Hong Kong. The company has a presence in more than sixty countries through a growing network of major retailers and distribution partners world wide.
In 2009 the company directors moved the global headquarters from Sydney, Australia to Belgium where we are now centerly located in Brussels, the heart of Europe. SASMAR is 100% privately owned.    


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Media Contact

For all media enquiries, please contact : 



Brand Manager

EU - Brussels

T.+32 880 8220 ext.833

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